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10/5/22 ~ Exercise and arthritis
We read with interest the recent news that exercise is expected to be prescribed over painkillers in treating osteoarthritis. Exercise has many benefits and this is great news. However, we have to bear in mind that exercise is not a 'one size fits all' and that the exercise needs to be specific to the individual. We […]
31/3/22 ~ Walking for health
We know how great walking is, not just for all round physical fitness, but also for mental health. That's why we've put together monthly wellness walks to give people the chance to meet up, walk and talk, in a safe and friendly environment. We're currently running our walks around Tattershall. Our next walk will be […]
15/2/22 ~ What is a Hygge lifestyle?
‘Hygee’ is a word I keep coming across lately. But what does it mean? After a bit of research I’ve found it comes from Denmark, pronounced “hoo-gah” (not “hi-gey” as I wanted to read it). It translates loosely to ‘cosiness’ and basically means creating a warm atmosphere and “enjoying the good things in life with […]
30/12/21 ~ New Year offer
We're currently running a special offer on our 100 Simple Healthy Recipes book at just £9.99 until the end of January. Head over to our shop to find out more!
2/11/21 ~ Why screen time can make us feel stressed
Do you feel your stress levels heighten when staring at a computer screen all day? It could be down to many things – including the blue light from the device, changes in our posture (we often find ourselves hunching over as we get engrossed in a task) and going into foveal vision. Foveal vision is […]
28/9/21 ~ New base for Wellness Lincs!
Things have been quite busy for us here at Wellness Lincs over the last few weeks. We've moved our base! We're now located in the lovely village of Billinghay, near Sleaford. We're still covering the Spalding area but are also now setting up in Sleaford, Tattershall, Coningsby and surrounding areas. Watch this space for more!