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18/4/24 ~ What is a muscle trigger point?
You know that feeling when you get sore, aching shoulders and you might ask a partner or friend to rub or massage them? Chances are they’ll hit a sensitive spot that feels very tender. If that point makes you feel a bit ‘ouchy’ or jumpy – or even tickles, they’ve probably hit a trigger point. […]
8/3/24 ~ Beyond the scales: There’s more to it than weight loss
Losing weight is one of the most commonly set goals and is often one of the biggest reasons people hire personal trainers or coaches, join gyms or attend diet clubs. Seeing the number dropping on the bathroom scales can be very motivating and can often be one of the signs that we are getting results. […]
14/2/24 ~ What is sports taping?
Anyone who’s watched big sporting events will have seen some athletes wearing tape (often brightly coloured) on different parts of their body. But what is the tape actually doing? The tape is mostly known as sports tape but is used much more widely now to help assist with injuries and recovery for people from all […]
9/1/24 ~ How often should you have a sports or deep tissue massage?
A question that I am asked a lot is how often should a person have a sports or deep tissue massage? The answer to that varies for each individual. Firstly, it depends why a person has come to see me. If it is for a recent injury then I would need to wait for inflammation […]
30/12/23 ~ What will YOU achieve in 2024?
In November I challenged myself to complete 25km of outdoor running over the month. I completed just over this. In December I challenged myself to complete 30km. I have completed almost 37km. The weather has been pretty awful - and don't get me started on running in the wind! But I've done it and our […]
29/11/23 ~ How setting a target can keep you motivated
  With work being so busy and the days being shorter I hadn’t been able to get out running much. I still walk my dog and teach many fitness sessions, deliver sports massage and personal training each week, as well as doing my own workouts. So in order to make sure I squeezed in a […]