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12/4/23 ~ Why is resistance training so important?
We all know that aerobic exercise is good for us, such as walking, cycling, running or using the stairs instead of the lift. But why is it important to include resistance or ‘strength’ training in our days too? As we get older we find that we begin to lose muscle mass as well as bone […]
8/3/23 ~ New seated exercise class
I'm really pleased to be hosting a new seated exercise class at Tattershall Village Hall, in Lincolnshire, starting on April 18th for an initial 6 week trial. This will be each Tuesday morning from 9-10am. We'll do 30 mins aerobic exercise seated, with some resistance work using bands, followed by 30 mins social time with […]
4/1/23 ~ Budget friendly food
With prices going up, eating healthily but without spending a fortune is possible. We'd like to share with you this easy (and incredibly tasty) minestrone soup recipe which serves 5 people and works out at just 80p per serving! Ingredients: 2 tsps olive oil 180g white onion, chopped 250g carrots, peeled and chopped 2 celery […]
10/12/22 ~ Making a change today!
We’re at the time of year where many of us say to ourselves "we’ll get started on a fitness programme but once Christmas is over and January begins." However, January comes round and you get started, then it’s time for a birthday - say in February or March and you find yourself eating a bit […]
20/10/22 ~ Keeping motivated with activity in winter
As the days get shorter and the weather changes it’s not surprising a lot of us find our ‘get-up-and-go’ flagging at this time of year. So how can you keep motivated with keeping fit and active at this time of year? Here are some of our tips: Buddy up with a friend and go out […]
26/8/22 ~ New ladies’ social cycle rides
I'm really pleased to be offering brand new FREE ladies' social cycle rides in the local area. Starting on September 3rd with our first ride around Billinghay and Walcott, and another chance to ride the route on October 1st, these are offered in my position as a volunteer cycle leader with Breeze. Breeze is an […]