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29/11/23 ~ How setting a target can keep you motivated


With work being so busy and the days being shorter I hadn’t been able to get out running much.

I still walk my dog and teach many fitness sessions, deliver sports massage and personal training each week, as well as doing my own workouts.

So in order to make sure I squeezed in a bit of running too I set myself a target over November of running 25km (that’s over the whole month – not in one go!) - See my spreadsheet (above) for my completed runs.

It’s not a lot and I would only go out for 2-4km at a time but having a realistic target in mind meant there were no excuses!

That’s something I encourage our clients to do too. Set yourself a target – no matter how small (or large if you wish). But do make it realistic – something you think you can achieve. It doesn’t have to be running. It could be walking, swimming or cycling or anything you like. Make a target – whether that’s distance or time (e.g walking 20-30 mins a day – broken up into chunks if you want).

Once you’ve done that you can set yourself a bigger target. I’m planning on completing 30km over December. I might manage a bit more than that. I actually did just over 27km in November.

The main thing is to start somewhere. Doing something is better than nothing!
Let us know how you get on.