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14/2/24 ~ What is sports taping?

Anyone who’s watched big sporting events will have seen some athletes wearing tape (often brightly coloured) on different parts of their body. But what is the tape actually doing?

The tape is mostly known as sports tape but is used much more widely now to help assist with injuries and recovery for people from all walks of life and professions.

Here at Wellness Lincs massage therapist Zoe is qualified in the Kinesio Taping Method. This is a unique method of sports taping using a therapeutic tape which mimics the qualities of the superficial layer of the skin: the epidermis.

Kinesio Tape is applied in specific ways with a deep understanding of muscles, tendons, ligaments and pathological movement patterns, to help reduce pain, swelling and aid injury repair.

It can also be used as a corrective technique and to support lymphatic drainage as the body gets rids of toxins from an injury site.

The reason why so many sports people like to wear the tape is because it moves with the body. So instead of having a brace on your knee, for example, the tape does not need to be restrictive; you can still move about as you would normally but still have that awareness to not over extend the limb, or move the knee out of its normal alignment.

For more information about the technique, get in touch here.