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29/11/23 ~ How setting a target can keep you motivated
  With work being so busy and the days being shorter I hadn’t been able to get out running much. I still walk my dog and teach many fitness sessions, deliver sports massage and personal training each week, as well as doing my own workouts. So in order to make sure I squeezed in a […]
30/10/23 ~ Keeping active in autumn and winter
Now the days are getting shorter how can we fit extra activity into our day? It’s easy to go for an evening walk in the summer but not so appealing in the dark autumn and winter nights. There are still plenty of ways to keep active though. Why not pop on some of your favourite […]
18/9/23 ~ Can exercise make you think more clearly?
We all know the positive effects exercise can have on improving our health – but can it help boost our brain power and make us think more clearly? I certainly notice that I am much more productive after having been for a short run, cycling or doing a bit of resistance work. Even doing the […]
10/8/23 ~ Is 10,000 steps for health really the magic number?
  For some time we have lived our lives aiming for the mythical number of 10,000 steps, not truly understanding the origins of this. It turns out that this was concocted from a marketing campaign rather than being based on scientific research. Nevertheless, a new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests […]
29/6/23 ~ Sweetener Aspartame now believed to be a carcinogen
For many years we have been concerned about the use of artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Now the World Health Organisation's cancer research agency is set to declare Aspartame (used in many foods and drinks as a low calorie sweetener - from Diet Coke to flavoured yoghurts) as a possible carcinogen. A carcinogen is a substance […]
12/5/23 ~ Why walking is so good for our health
There's nothing better than being immersed in nature and fresh air. Whether it's a walk in the park, taking a trip beside a river or strolling around your own neighbourhood, walking is something that is accessible to so many of us. The Mental Health Foundation says that 'even a short burst of 10 minutes of […]