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18/4/24 ~ What is a muscle trigger point?

You know that feeling when you get sore, aching shoulders and you might ask a partner or friend to rub or massage them?

Chances are they’ll hit a sensitive spot that feels very tender. If that point makes you feel a bit ‘ouchy’ or jumpy – or even tickles, they’ve probably hit a trigger point.

Trigger points are hypersensitive spots in a taut band of muscle. They’re often actually found away from the real problem area and can present themselves as more of a referred pain.

An experienced massage therapist can use specific techniques to treat trigger points, relieving tight muscles and helping to improve joint mobility. By applying direct, gradual pressure to the trigger point and then releasing the pressure, fresh oxygenated blood is allowed to flow through to the area, helping to flush out toxins.

This improves circulation to the tissues, helping to relieve pain and tenderness.

Trigger point therapy is just one of many techniques Zoe uses here at Wellness Lincs in her massage therapy. For more information about our services or to get in touch with any questions, please contact us here.