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12/8/21 ~ Running to boost mental health
I recently met up with Vanessa Browning and Emma Rose (pictured) who run the Community Mind Matters Running Group every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm at the Castle Sports running track in Spalding. The group was set up to help support people to get out, meet others and boost mental health. What a brilliant […]
6/7/21 ~ Can eating certain foods help us lose weight?
We often read in magazines or online that eating this or that food will help us to lose weight. But can eating a certain food really help us shed pounds? I am not a fan of cutting out certain food groups, such as proteins, or fats or carbs (as I believe the body needs each […]
2/6/21 ~ Summer goodness
Summer is here! Fruits such as these strawberries and cherries are a great choice if you are looking to lose weight or simply to eat more healthily. Packed with fibre but low in calories they'll help you feel fuller for longer - and with natural sweetness, vitamins and minerals they're a much better choice than […]
11/5/21 ~ Mental health and exercise
Our mental health and physical health goes hand in hand. We are huge supporters of helping people with their mental health as well as exercising the body. I was so honoured to be asked to take part in a podcast for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek with Emma from Inspired to Change in Spalding and Vanessa from Community Mind […]
20/4/21 ~ Keeping on track with a weight loss programme
If you've made a start to change your lifestyle then well done - you've made the first step. It's all about making small changes and try not to expect everything to happen overnight. We know it can be hard to avoid temptations in the cupboard so we've compiled a few tips in this infographic to […]
4/4/21 ~ Healthy lunch on the go
When you're hungry it's all too easy to grab something quick from the vending machine or office canteen. But if you plan ahead you can make much better and more fulfilling choices. Here's a quick, easy and very delicious lunch recipe which can be prepared in under ten minutes, thanks to our friends at Fitpro […]