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20/10/22 ~ Keeping motivated with activity in winter

As the days get shorter and the weather changes it’s not surprising a lot of us find our ‘get-up-and-go’ flagging at this time of year.
So how can you keep motivated with keeping fit and active at this time of year? Here are some of our tips:

  • Buddy up with a friend and go out for a walk in your lunch break. Take a coffee with you if you like and enjoy your walk and chat.
  • If you prefer to exercise alone, load up your music player or phone with your favourite, motivating music. Pop in your earphones and take a walk or jog. Just make sure that you can still hear other road users if listening to music. Keep safe!
  • Join a group – that might be a fitness class, a walking group or perhaps join in a free guided cycle ride. You can find a ride in your area at: Let's Ride
  • Set yourself a goal – whether that’s running or walking a 5k, a swim or a fundraising challenge. It really helps to have something to focus on to keep you going.
  • At this time of year we can often head for comfort foods - enjoy your treats as part of a balanced diet. Pile up your dinner plate with lots of lovely winter veg, alongside your protein and other carbs. Stews and soups are really comforting and can be super healthy!