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29/6/23 ~ Sweetener Aspartame now believed to be a carcinogen

For many years we have been concerned about the use of artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Now the World Health Organisation's cancer research agency is set to declare Aspartame (used in many foods and drinks as a low calorie sweetener - from Diet Coke to flavoured yoghurts) as a possible carcinogen. A carcinogen is a substance that could cause cancer by damaging the way the body's cells function.

This is why we encourage our clients to eat foods that are as natural as possible and to avoid products containing man made or processed ingredients. By eating home cooked foods, prepared by yourself, you know exactly what is going into that meal. Drinks and foods containing artificial ingredients or sweeteners should be avoided.

The body was never made to consume these types of manufactured ingredients, and as a result does not know how to process them. In our belief, this is a key source of many illnesses.

So eat smart, prepare your own food wherever you can. Fill up your drinks bottle with water or add a few lemon or orange slices if you want some extra flavour and avoid any ingredients you don't recognise.