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2/11/21 ~ Why screen time can make us feel stressed

Do you feel your stress levels heighten when staring at a computer screen all day? It could be down to many things – including the blue light from the device, changes in our posture (we often find ourselves hunching over as we get engrossed in a task) and going into foveal vision.
Foveal vision is when you are focused only on what is right in front of you and tend to ‘block out’ other things going on around you. This increases stress levels - whereas peripheral vision, such as taking in all of our surroundings (when going for a walk, for example), leaves us feeling more relaxed and grounded.
To counteract this make sure you take regular breaks from the screen, even if that is just gazing out of the window for a few moments. It will help boost your concentration levels and leave you feeling calmer.